What (sewing) machines do I need?

What (sewing) machines do I need?

We all know good tools are essential for any craft. But what machines should you buy to create quality clothes without wasting time? And what should you pay attention to when buying these machines? You learn all about it in this article. 

1. You definitely need a standard domestic sewing machine

This is a machine we all know; your grandma might still have one in the attic. You cannot work on a sewing project without it, as you need it to create seams and hems (the foundation of any garment). You will mainly use this machine for straight stitches.

If you still need to buy one, there is a few things you need to consider: 

  • Think about the fabrics you want to use often. You need a more powerful motor if you want to sew sturdy materials such as denim or leather. 
  • Look at the number and types of stitches. Basic sewing machines almost all include the most important stitches: zigzag, straight, buttonhole and stretch. More expensive sewing machines will include more premium stitches such as quilting, blind hem, and satin stitches. Nice, but not necessary.
  • You should be able to adjust the stitch width and stitch length; that’s a must. However, most models will allow you to do this.
  • You should check what buttonhole system the machine has. There are two systems to make buttonholes. With the 4-stage buttonholes, the machine sews the buttonhole in 4 parts. You have to keep an eye on the length of the parts yourself. With the 1-step buttonholes everything is fully automatic. A 1-step buttonhole is also a nice-to-have.
  • If a serger (see below) is out of your budget or you don’t have space for one, consider a sewing machine that can finish and sew seams with an overcasting stitch and presser foot. 

2. A serger: not strictly necessary, but highly recommended

This machine made my sewing life a thousand times easier and more fun. A serger can create a clean edge on any seam. A must if you are serious about sewing efficiently. 

If you still need to buy one, there is a few things you need to consider: 

  • There are 3-thread and 4-thread sergers. You definitely want to go for a 4-thread serger, as this will allow you to work with jersey fabrics.

  • The serger should have built-in lighting.

  • The serger should have an easy threading system.

  • Make sure you can adjust the stitch length and width.

3. Also highly recommended: an electrical cutter 

My first sewing teacher would kill me if she would hear this, because traditional seamstresses cannot do without there traditional scissors. But if you really want to create beautiful things without wasting time and without aching hands, this is a must.