Félie means joy

Félie is all about joy. The joy in finding the best fabrics from all over the world, the joy of making beautiful items especially for you, the joy we hope our items will bring to your life and last but not least the joy of creating fashion with the future of our planet in mind.

Made to order in Amsterdam

All our items are made to order in Amsterdam by women who love to sew and are passionate about reshaping the fashion industry. Being a made to order brand does not only allow us to maximize our creativity and limit waste as much as possible, it also allows you to wear an item that is especially made for you.

Always on the hunt to find the best fabrics

We spend a lot of time on sourcing more sustainable fabrics. We buy basic fabrics that are more sustainable such as linen from wholesalers, we search the internet to find the best vintage/pre-used fabrics and we visit manufacturers and fabric fairs to buy deadstock fabrics.

Sustainability in every step of the production process

We try to incorporate sustainability in every step of our process. For example:
- our labels are made from organic cotton.
- our items are shipped in boxes made of recycled cardboard;
- the card that you receive with your product is made from recycled paper.

Artwork by @tijanadraws - www.tijanadraws.com 

The Makers

Sanne - founder & designer

After running a fashion brand for a couple of years at the beginning of my career, I decided the fashion industry wasn't for me and I started working full-time as a lawyer. In my free time I discovered that creating beautiful pieces in the most sustainable way possible brought me a tremendous amount of joy. I want to share that joy with you through Félie.

Lois - maker

In 2018 I graduated from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. That is where my passion for creating sustainable fashion started. I became aware of the enormous impact the fashion industry has on the environment. So you can understand why I am so excited to sew for this beautiful brand Félie.

Lola - maker

I grew up in France but I lived in 5 different countries across 3 continents. I took a piece of each culture with me and along that I fell in love with the wealth of nature’s beauty. Growing up, I didn’t see where I would fit in the superficial fashion world. Later I realised that my role is to to mend the industry and help people connect back to the story of the makers, the weavers, the farmers and the earth. Focusing on the meaningful and creative value behind clothing made with love and sustainable intention - this is what Atelier Félie does in its own way and I am happy to be part of it.

Pip - maker

I have been exploring several creative outlets in the course of my life, including designing and crafting clothes. I have studied costume and decor design, where the yearn for a more sustainable approach began. I now move where there is time to think about our habitat. Where there is time to explore a new way of conducting business. Dropping a pebble in a seamingly endless ocean, can cause the ripple effect that inspires you. I am happy I can contribute within the value of that gentle power.

Elisa - maker

After studying fashion in my early twenties I lost the connection with the industry. I loved the simplicity of having a idea in your head and creating the piece yourself. I never saw myself working for one of the huge fashion brands. So I went on trying different creative outlets and found that I just love creating and making, no matter the form.  Atelier Felie takes me back to that simplicity.